Kakhi Wakefield, Owner and Lead Designer

Lookout Mountain / Chattanooga, Tennessee

Flower arranging is part of my DNA. I grew up surrounded by women who opened my eyes to beauty and arranged flowers effortlessly. My first foray into the flower business was in middle-school. My mother taught me how to make "kissing balls” and my dad helped me forage the mistletoe from the banks of the Tennessee River. I sold them to a little shop on Lookout Mountain and from then on knew then that I wanted to own my own business. After studying business at UNC-Chapel Hill, I married Michael (Yes, we got married at 22!) lived in Austin and Jackson, MS until eventually settling our family in Atlanta. At the encouragement of my event-planner sister, I opened K Wakefield Designs to provide florals for corporate events and parties. In 2016, we moved back to my hometown of Lookout Mountain, Tennessee were K Wakefield Designs has flourished. My mind is so completely consumed to know more about flowers and composing them artfully. I just can’t get enough. It is such a joy creating with flowers, branches, and foraged greens. The lush foliage of the Tennessee mountains where I call home is endlessing inspiring for my floral arrangements. As I grow in my knowledge of floral design, gardening, and styling, my desire to share this knowledge grows too! Fill out my contact form linked here so I can get to know you and share my passion for the flowers and the beauty surrounding us.